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Mobile Audio Recording

  • Our recording studio can come to you almost anywhere in North America a good road leads .
  • Our recording studio can track up to fortyeight different voices/separate live tracks at the same time.
  • Our studio time is booked in eight hour blocks @$300.00 per block. The average well rehearsed band can record as many as 16 songs for their demo in one block of time . Keep in mind this is with a quick rough mix only. As we say , quick and dirty.....Post production is at the same block rate .
  • We specialize in providing the highest quality "honest" representation of talent at the most affordable price possible.
  • We offer basic music theory classes that target a universal/fundamental understanding and vocabulary designed to expedite the accurate communication of musical ideas between artists.

  • Studio time sold in eight hour blocks @ $300.00 per block .
  • Local flat rate charge of $30.00 to come to you anywhere in Salt Lake County UT.
  • Travel charge of $2.00 per mile outside of Salt Lake County Ut.
  • Music theory training and talent development classes are priced at $50.00 an hour for up to a ten student class .
  • Outside the US.additional charges may be assessed for Government fees , permits and legal costs if applicable .